The First, Truly Objective Rating of VoIP and UCaaS Provider Quality is a revolutionary service that delivers an objective, data-driven comparison of telecom service providers based not on features and pricing but on service quality, reliability, and consistency. It’s a perspective business telecom buyers have never had before. The data that feeds comes from PhoneSentry’s cloud-based Voice Application Performance Management platform monitoring of hundreds of businesses nationwide. PhoneSentry makes test calls every few minutes to capture and compile voice service performance statistics.’s comparative reports are a valued resource to business telecom buyers as they attempt to make smart choices. Service quality, reliability and consistency are crucial aspects of a business’ satisfaction with their telecom service yet it is nearly impossible to evaluate and compare providers on this basis during the evaluation and purchase process.

Generally, businesses have to wait until after they buy and have a service installed before they find out about quality, reliability, and consistency. is unlike anything else on the market as it is objective and fact-based.

It’s data-driven approach is a refreshing departure from the pay-to-play model that predominates telecom listing and ranking sites and services. could offer providers with a deep commitment to service quality, but without the deepest pockets to fund marketing and sales, a way to break through and be recognized for their strengths by savvy business buyers. is a joint venture between TMC (Your’s Truly, Rich Tehrani is CEO of TMC) and PhoneSentry. Telecom service providers that want to be listed on ProviderRating can contact the site to get complete information on getting their service and customers monitored by PhoneSentry.


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