Slack is Winning Says Mio Workplace Messaging Report

A new report of over 200 companies from Mio tells us a lot about what messaging solutions are being used in the workplace. You may recall, we coved Mio a few months ago – they provide valuable messaging interop.

Here are some of the highlights:

More companies report using Slack than Microsoft Teams. Overall, 65% of respondents report using Slack, compared with 59% using Microsoft Teams;

Slack has established a strong foothold in Microsoft’s enterprise customer base. In addition to Slack’s continuing popularity among startups, 74% of companies with over 10,000 employees report they are now using Slack;

More IT decision makers prefer Slack’s messaging features compared to Microsoft Teams. 31% of companies say Slack delivers a better end-user experience and 22% favor Microsoft Teams;

Most customers of Microsoft Teams report using Slack as well. 66% of companies using Microsoft Teams say they are also Slack customers;

Most of Slack’s existing customers say they plan to increase their Slack use. 55% of companies with existing Slack usage say they plan to increase their number of Slack user licences over the next two years;

One-third of Microsoft’s existing messaging customers are also planning to increase their Slack use. 33% of companies using Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business plan to increase their Slack usage over the next two years.

Perhaps the most dramatic change in the future is Skype for Business – 57% of respondents will use it less in the next two years. In addition, Microsoft Teams will have less users in 15% of organizations.

The good news for Microsoft and Cisco is they will both see the largest growth out of the big three.

Cisco is the runaway leader in endpoints – at a whopping 65%!

Not surprisingly, Office 365 is everywhere – with 65% of these users also using Slack.

What we learn from this report is Cisco is the king of endpoints and Microsoft is coexisting with Slack while transitioning people from Skype to Teams.

The biggest challenge we see is as hardware continues the move to software, the endpoint lead Cisco has diminishes in value. Which means Slack is the acquisition target they may be considering to stay competitive in the future UC and collaboration market.

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