The Deskphone Market… it’s Alive; it’s Alive!

The deskphone market has been left for dead by many but there is still room in the space for the device to evolve and become become a more integral part of your UC strategy. The ideas is simple… What if your deskphone became a colleague of your mobile, allowing you to have the advantages of the deskphone and mobile while leveraging the best of each from the other.

It may sound complicated but in reality, the idea is to allow calls to flow in either direction while allowing you to remote into your deskphone from anywhere.


Allworx came by TMC HQ and showed their new phones off to us last week and we remain impressed. My colleague Erik Linask has more. Here is an excerpt:

But, it doesn’t come with a typical executive phone price tag.  At a modest $369 MSRP for the 9312 and $299 for the 9308 (the key differences being fewer programmable keys and BT capability), the Verge line should fall well within an SMB budget.  Some may desire a touchscreen, which these don’t offer, but that’s such a minor tradeoff for keeping production costs down.  The magic is really in the mobility – and the Reach application on smartphones and tablets effectively turns the interface into a touchscreen.

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