The UCaaS Opportunity is at the SMB

This morning there was a great tweet from Peter Radizeski about the SMB opportunity for UCaaS MSPs and other resellers.

As we’ve told you before, white-label in UCaaS and cloud phone systems can double the margins for resellers – perhaps from 20% to 40% and also increase the valuation of the reseller. The reason for the valuation bump has to do with the fact the reseller owns the relationship in this scenario so this revenue is more valuable to an acquirer.

Here is some recent white-label news we’ve covered:

Also – let’s remember that the large UCaaS players are focusing on the whales or companies in the Fortune 1000.

The opportunity is not going away. It is getting larger.

IDG released a report which amplifies this idea. In a great podcast, Amy Lind,¬†Research Manager, Communications Services and UCaaS for¬†IDC, discussed observations she has made about the communications marketplace and the tendency of some companies to abandon the small scale customer in favor of trying to gain traction among larger enterprises. It’s worth a listen and a trip to the Vectors event to learn more. Oct 27-30th.


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