Top 10 Tips for Creating Engaging Enterprise Customer Sales Presentations

Exclusive Pre-Con Content at ITEXPO / MSP Expo.

One-minute Read by Thomas B. Cross – CEO

Any meeting is fraught with failure and sales presentations are often “black holes” that few salespeople find appealing.  Yet with practice like great speakers, salespeople can find their voice and become even more engaging with customers.  Compelling customer presentations provide the means to increase customer confidence in their decisions. 

Customers increasingly want to really understand what they are about to buy and also, they are making the right decision with the company providing solutions. 

Customers will never-ever know everything about your solution(s) as you do nor understand how to use all the features and their potential benefits.  In making customer presentations it is important to remember a confused mind will always say no. And, if you pile on technobabble, they will get even confused even faster.  In many cases salespeople want to talk first and listen last or not at all. Another key point for any salesperson is to listen to customer objections without responding to each one and remember it is not a debate or interrogation. 

Some of the key points in listening are included in the Top-10 Engaging Enterprise Customer Sales Presentation Tips here are just two, the remainder will be presented at ITEXPO / MSP Expo:

Determine their pain or what they have to gain

  • Undercover any major obstacles or opportunities
  • Determine what the key business decision issues there are
  • Understand who the real decision-maker is
  • And, who is the “Machiavellian” person in the organization 

If you could have anything fixed, what would it be?  

  • Uncover what problems are ahead
  • Begin to focus on what “team” solutions you have
  • Team members also include other vendor-members
  •   Train your team including your customer team

Summary – Sales presentations are exciting ways to engage with customers and the means to gain trust and close business faster.  By practicing presentations internally increases confidence to all those involved and provides the means for team building.  By “lifting all boats” everyone wins.

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