Vectors Exclusive Keynote: Big Business is Good but Small Business is Better

Amy Lind with IDC has been called one of the most switched on, insightful and understanding analysts in telecom. At SkySwitch Vectors Orlando, she will be relying on data from a recent UCaaS IDC survey.

You could be among the first to see the results.

Some of the findings are large UCaaS companies are focused on really large trophy-hunting accounts. Tens of thousands of seats – as large as they can go.

As a result, there is less focus on small and midsize companies.

Amy Lind, Research Manager, IDC

These customers, as a result, are being put into a self-service model.

Lacking the human touch, their service levels are declining.

This industry shift allows the MSPs to have a deeper level of care and differentiation from the giant UCaaS providers.

Many small businesses have grown tired of being ignored and are perhaps ripe for the picking. This is why a born-in-cloud UCaaS system from Skyswitch may make sense for MSPs to consider.

There are obviously a lot more small businesses out there than large, meaning lots of opportunity.

Learn more at the SkySwitch Vectors Orlando conference, Oc 27-30th in Orlando, Florida.


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