API of the Week: Kaltura Cloud Platform Helps Build Video Solutions

Web video is a booming area of the internet – for example, companies Kaltura_Logo.jpglike Streamago and Musucal.ly are seeing hypergrowth rates once they achieve viral critical mass. Another Example is LevinTV, a popular spinoff of the Mark Levin Radio program. Just as cloud has made it possible to inexpensively scale general-purpose tasks, some companies are looking to provide specialized services such as video, to allows content producers and aggregators to quickly launch a new business. One such organization is Kaltura.

To learn more, I conducted an API of the Week interview with Zohar Babin, VP of Platform, Ecosystem and Community. This interview is being done in conjunction with the All About The API conference to be held this July in Las Vegas. We hope to see you there!

What APIs do you have available?

Zohar.jpgKaltura has the broadest set of video APIs available in the market. Kaltura VPaaS aims to eliminate all complexities involved in handling video at scale including: ingestion, transcoding, live, metadata, playback, distribution, analytics, accessibility, monetization, security, search, interactivity and more. 

The robust Kaltura API and SDKs encompass all of these capabilities, in a unified API with SDKs for all the leading programming languages to enable developers to quickly build any workflow or video experience they need.

I recommend checking out our API Console.

Clicking on the nav button under the logo will open a long menu of all APIs available for use already today, and we’re working to add even more exciting APIs and tools.

What are the benefits/ solutions they help provide?

The mission of VPaaS, which is based on the Kaltura API, is to enable any solution you may need with video, whether it’s embedded inside another application’s workflows and UX or built from the ground up as a new application, be it aimed at highly secure and private environments like government, surveillance and safe cities or public facing open sites such as MOOCs and monetized online media & entertainment sites.

We’ve seen many different scenarios where video is used to amplify and enhance a business need, and the reason we’re so excited about VPaaS is that we keep seeing these new customer innovations every day, from large global enterprises to young early stage startups.

What new business opportunities do they potentially open up for your partners?

Our Free Tier ($400 spent however you want each month, for the first 12 months) together with our Pay As You Go model enables customers to bootstrap very quickly, and not be limited by today’s market volume commit or package requirements. Any developer at any company size can easily create an account, build an app, and prove its value, before committing to budgets. Having an easy and scalable risk-free way to leverage video opens new doors for our partners looking to leverage the power of video without breaking the bank.

Why should developers/ decision makers choose to be part of your ecosystem?

Developers looking to incorporate video as a first class citizen data type in their apps, workflows and environments should look at Kaltura first to quickly prototype, iterate and scale, at affordable prices and no commitments. Moreover, partners benefit from Kaltura’s wide reach across industries and create a certified integration to allow for fast discovery and growth through the largest network of customers with rich video workflows.

What are some of the cooler solutions that have been developed using your APIs?

Here a couple case studies of Kaltura VPaaS customers and the successful operations they’ve built with Kaltura – Skyward, Gogo and 2U. We’re working on more to come soon. Other use cases include sensitive court recordings and live broadcast.

How do you market your API’s?

Our API is at the core of Kaltura’s platform and Kaltura VPaaS basically encompasses the API and markets it in a new simple and consumable way.

Who is the “customer” for your API’s?

VPaaS users are developers everywhere. 

VPaaS buyers are SaaS Platforms, Global Integrators, Web Shops and Agencies, In-house dev teams at large companies and Startups.

Here is some history – a video interview on TMCnet with the company in 2011!

Come see the world of APIs at All About The API. The event will feature a variety of intensive hack-a-thons, in-depth company-focused workshops helping attendees understand the value propositions from key vendors, powerful keynotes, daily and nightly networking opportunities plus an exhibit hall full of companies demonstrating the latest innovations in today’s market place. Every business has to pay attention to the new opportunities they are presenting or potentially be displaced. We hope to see you July 18-21 2016 in Las Vegas!

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