ListAndPlay: Music Videos Done Right


A while back I outlined my idea of dream TV and talked about how the merger of music selection algorithms and video clips could bring us television which is customized by content genres as opposed to today’s system of having to watch a channel at a time. Let’s say you are an avid Yankees fan – every clip mentioning the Yankees will eventually be queued up for you to watch. The stream could include clips from the Home Shopping Network, local news, ESPN, etc. You could even opt to see clips from YouTube and Vimeo uploaded by fans.

While we aren’t quite at the point where my dream TV viewing experience is available, we are a bit closer thanks to ListAndPlay. The site which I discovered thanks to Megan O’Neill at Social Times merges the genre tracking of Last.FM with YouTube allowing a user to stream music videos which are similar in nature.


When you launch the site you are presented with a data entry box where you can enter a song name or title. When I started to add DJ Got us Falling in Love Again and as I typed in the string the song and associated video started playing. At the bottom of the screen was a list of what I presumed to be songs from the same genre but they turned out to be similar videos such as remixes and user submitted and live versions of the song.


Obviously this can get monotonous so next I entered the artist Seal and was presented with some of the more popular music videos from the artist. At least some variety I thought.

According to Alexa the site is in the top 506,047 in the world and its one month average is 224,061 making it generally unknown. I expect the site to rocket to the top 2,000-3,000 fairly quickly.

I do believe this exact model is the future of TV and in such a world, commercials will likely be sold by the aggregator – which supports my thesis that the TV end game has Google written all over it.

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