Optibase Update

Recently I had a chance to sit down with Optibase VP of Sales, Mike Chorpash to talk about his company which focuses on advanced video solutions. There isn’t much new to report – you may recall TMC reported the company has been sold to VITEC Multimedia along with the Focus Enhancements’ Group. Chorpash enthusiastically discussed the company’s “superblade” – the MGES 6000 a converged encoding module providing 4 HD and SD H.264 channels per blade. Each system can handle 13 blades for a total of 52 streams or 104 at two different bit rates.

The company also makes the military solution FITIS (Fully Integrated Tactical IPTV System) Full Motion Video solution for processing, archiving, indexing, managing and disseminating tactical ISR video and metadata sources. It also enables government agencies to quickly process and act upon live and recorded video assets.

The mission-critical system supports troops in battle and the propagation of scenario-specific video imagery in a variety of formats depending upon bandwidth constraints, ranging from high-definition ISR footage for analysts to ultra-compressed streams for transmission to tactical units at the edge. Moreover, up to 16 video feeds can be viewed simultaneously.

The military has to store at least 90 days worth of content so integration with NetApp and other mass storage devices is a plus.

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