FCC, Martin and the Democrats

I thought this was an excellent article about the Democratically-controlled Congress and how they may clash with the FCC and especially Chairman Martin (read Martin’s past views on broadband competition). The article also touches on the relationship between Chairman Martin and Commissioner McDowell. The democrats could put a great deal on Chairman Martin as he is a Republican who is very close to the Bush administration.
What does this mean to IP communications? Well Martin is generally pro-ILEC and if anything has made life very difficult for cable companies and VoIP companies. Of course things aren’t so black and white but Martin seems to believe a few large companies will give us all the competition we need.
This view is has not been great for IP communications. I expect Democrats to push Martin to do the opposite of what he is currently doing. Isn’t that what politics is all about? Subsequently we can expect a better climate for IP communications companies and possibly cablecos as well.

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