Hunter Newby on Net Neutrality and VoIP Peering

You may know Hunter Newby from Telx as he writes a VoIP peering column for Internet Telephony Magazine. I often speak at events with Hunter and this past week I was speaking about voice peering at Comptel while Hunter was at another event on the same day addressing the same topic.

Hunter asked if there were any good questions from the audience and I told him that there was a question about how peering affects Net Neutrality.

Hunter’s response was as follows and I thought it worthy of passing along:

The Darwinian solution to Net Neutrality is private Internets. Voice peering occurs in this context. So, it is already having an impact.

Hunter is right on.

If you want to see Hunter and I speak together in one place and get some sun while you are at it, be sure to be in Miami next week for the VoIP Peering Summit sponsored by the VPF.

I just finished speaking today in St. Louis and my voice has been giving out on me for the past few days. I hope it comes back tomorrow. Until next week, I will be communicating primarily through blogs and e-mail to save my vocal cords from any additional strain 😉 .

See you in Sunny Miami.

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