IMS and SIP Print Magazines Debut in Q1, 2006

Please feel free to start signing up for SIP and IMS Magazines. SIP Magazine already has 28,000 subscribers and will be available in print in the US and digitally elsewhere. I assume if you read my blog you know SIP stands for session initiation protocol and is a superset of VoIP. The target audience for this publication is developers, enterprise decision-makers and service providers.

IMS Magazine is a newer publication and stands for IP multimedia subsystem. The publication will be available in print in the US and digitally elsewhere. The circulation is 25,000. Think of IMS as the glue that ties together wired and wireless networks. It is further an enabler for rapid provisioning of and delivery of next-generation service. The target market for this magazine is service providers in the wired and wireless spaces.

Magazine Title

Start Date



January 2006



February 2006


Please e-mail Dave Rodriguez for advertising information.

  • VOIP IP Telephony
    November 17, 2005 at 12:06 pm

    New VOIP Magazine Announced

    I have been a long time subscriber of the INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine, Over the years, it continued to be published in printed form even many other similar printed magazines, disappeared for the new radar.
    I like what they print, but it might not be f…

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