ITEXPO Gains Tremendous Momentum

What I just can’t get over is the quality of attendees and press coming to ITEXPO later this month. When I tell you the press that will come to this event cannot be seen at any other VoIP show in the world, believe me. The people who are calling our office don’t go to other IP telephony shows and in fact I am not sure they go to tech shows in general.

Not only will the trade press be there, we have business press, business radio and television networks coming to the show.

Having the most qualified attendees of any VoIP event was not enough for us. We wanted to make sure we had such a compelling event that the general media would salivate. We wanted to leapfrog all other events at once.

We have.

The show is going to be amazing. You have read my comments about this show becoming the UN of VoIP. It still is — well think of Internet telephony Conference & Expo as a scandal-free version of the IP telephony United Nations.

We probably won’t have as high a percentage of international delegates as we had at ITEXPO in Miami last February but it could be close.

Exhibitors will likely want to be aware of this prior to the show. We will have more international delegates at this event than other VoIP shows held in foreign countries receive. That is how the numbers are tracking for now.

VoIP is truly becoming international. This is one technology that is gaining as much traction outside the US as within. Perhaps more. These are exciting times to be in VoIP. I look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks.

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