Nuvio Denied By Federal Court

The U S Court of Appeals, DC Circuit today denied Nuvio’s Emergency Motion for a Partial Stay of the E911 Order for VoIP Service Providers. According to Jason Talley, president and CEO of Nuvio, "While I’m greatly disappointed in today’s decision by the U S Court of Appeals, I am heartened by the fact that the court’s decision did not address the substantive issues in this case. We will still proceed with our appeal and still believe that the FCC’s E911 Order for VoIP Service Providers is arbitrary and capricious."

Talley continued, "Although the FCC decided not to force Nuvio to disconnect its customers, that does not ameliorate the impact of the forced withdrawal of our VoIP service from the marketplace. The fact of the matter is this: the FCC’s E911 requirements will translate into less choice for consumers and less technological innovation for our country."

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