Quintum Enables Vonexus

Vonexus (Vonexus News) is working with Quintum (Quintum News) to enable the Vonexus IP PBX known as the Enterprise Interaction Center to work with the Quintum SIP Tenor MultiPath switches. The switch in this case acts a gateway between the world of IP and the PSTN.

There are two important items worth discussing relating to the Vonexus and Quintum release. Vonexus is pushing ahead rapidly with announcements and they seem to be building momentum. The second item is Quintum’s unbelievable ability to partner with a wide range of companies. I am very impressed with how they are able to have so many other companies resell their products. In the end, the ability to partner and have an army of salespeople sell for you will make the difference between a successful company and an average one.

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