Developing applications for local computers is one thing but once you factor in the latency generated by wide area networks you can significantly reduce productivity if users are forced to wait for painfully slow applications to refresh screens and provide data updates. In order to help speed up the process of writing effective applications for WANs Shunra has recently released a New WAN optimization and application acceleration selection service.
You may remember Shunra has been a benefactor to TMC labs for about a decade providing their Cloud product which has been instrumental at simulating WAN traffic at our labs over the years.
In a recent sit down with the executive management team of Shunra Software I learned how the company has taken its excellent suite of technologies and began offering them up as services. The suite of services includes but is not limited to application profiling and surge testing, allowing developers to be sure applications are performing within the correct parameters – even when pushed to the limit.
Of course a use for such technology is ensuring VoIP applications are running efficiently but the product/service also excels in other areas. For example when choosing between various vendors, Shunra can help you company set up a virtual network environment. The purpose of such a network is to ensure you choose the right applications/solutions for your particular environment.
As you might imagine, Shunra’s technology is of use to service providers and not surprisingly AT&T resells the company’s technology. This works out well for AT&T as they are able to help customers see when potential SLA-breaking problems are the fault of application design and not the network.
The management team briefing which consisted of Michai Lesser Dir of Product Marketing, Thomas Charlton, President and CEO, Matt Reid VP Worldwide Marketing and Boaz Grinvald Founder and Executive Vice President really drove home the point that their tools help application developers be proactive and not reactive when developing WAN-based applications.
As corporations turn more often to applications which utilize SOA, XML and Mashups it seems inevitable that without proper testing beforehand, you run the risk of writing applications which zap productivity.

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