Southern California Hit By Phone Outage

In what may be one of the most amazing blog entries ever I get to tell my readers that Southern California was just hit by a phone outage meaning that not only regular calls couldn’t get through but 911 calls as well. This is just one week before Internet Telephony Conference & Expo hits the Los Angeles Convention Center.

It seems historic that with all the talk of the FCC regulating VoIP and making sure our industry is secure from outages such as these; Verizon has an outage of its own. It seems the PSTN is not as perfect as we think.

Perhaps this is someone’s way of telling us as an industry that we have alternatives to the status quo.

With today’s distributed architectures using VoIP is actually a more secure way to communicate as VoIP is IP based communications and as such is able to easily offer the same levels of reliability the Internet gives us. Remember that the Internet was designed to be able to work during a nuclear attack!

With properly designed redundant VoIP systems it is possible for VoIP to exceed PSTN levels of service quality.

I think of all the places for phone service to fail the fact that it went down in Southern California is telling. I am looking forward to listening to Michael Powell talk next week at ITEXPO and I wonder if this topic will come up and if so, how it will be addressed. My we live in interesting times.

  • phone service southern california
    November 11, 2009 at 5:36 pm

    it is a good thing that we are all connected through phone and internet by technology but it does say something that we suddenly become crippled when one of these services are shut down. are we getting too dependent on technology?

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