T-Mobile G1 Google Phone Emulator

Like you, I am very curious to see how the much discussed Googlephone the G1 based on Google Android will function. Will it be more like Windows Mobile or iPhone I wondor. After spending some time with the new G1 emulator I would have to say this new media darling is more like Windows Mobile with some Google Gmail type functions.

The emulator is not fully functional. You can’t send email, use the GPS features or make “real” phone calls. But still, you will get an idea how this thing will feel if you buy it on October 22 or thereafter.

Would I buy one? I am not sure at this point. I didn’t see any features which are really better than Windows Mobile and it isn’t as slick as an iPhone. Moreover, Google services can be synched with the iPhone or Windows Mobile so I am still searching for the niche this device will fill.

Google execs tout the openness of the OHA/Android software interface and developer ecosystem and this could be an area of differentiation. But Google must realize that for developers to develop in massive numbers, they need to see massive demand for the phone. A real chicken an egg problem for the search giant. I can’t wait to see what the demand for this phone looks like. At this point I just can’t see it being super-strong. Hopefully I am wrong because I am pro-competition and as a Google shareholder, investors will be watching the success of this device very closely and they could take down the stock if this shiny new wireless gasget doesn’t fly off the shelves.

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