TMCnet in Top 1,000 Sites in World!

I had decided not to say anything about TMCnet’s Alexa ranking until we hit triple-digits. We set a few new records since our 1,151 daily record back on January 5 of this year but I wanted to keep quiet until we hit 999 or better.

Well to my amazement someone sent me our new daily number today and boy was I thrilled. We have hit 1,000! This number is not unexpected as our servers are under full load and we are continually buying new equipment to keep up with the massive demand. Our in-house T3 is maxed at times as we deliver news to potentially over a million unique visitors in the month of January.

Traffic Rank for (what’s this)


1 wk. Avg.

3 mos. Avg.

3 mos. Change





I also heard this weekend that a former TMC team member was quoted as saying Your site is amazing and the number one resource for Technology News." The good news is this person is happily employed and isn’t fishing for a new job. 😉

As always, thank you for reading my blog and being part of the TMCnet experience. We appreciate you being part of the largest worldwide community of communications and technology professionals on the planet!

The TMCnet team is always looking to improve and your comments whether positive or negative are always welcome.

In conclusion, whether you are part of the group of 8,000+ people that will attend Internet Telephony Conference & Expo next week or you are just a casual reader of TMC’s publications, we are eternally grateful for your continued support.

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