T-Mobile VoIP

Andy Abramson really likes T-Mobile’s VoIP plan based on a potential new device the company could be rolling out soon in the US. What is the device? Something which allows FMC for the home and small business market. It allows up to two SIM cards to be embedded in it meaning it can likely support two mobile phones. It will use VoIP obviously and this is why Andy really likes it.
Here are some salient points Andy makes regarding this device and T-Mobile in general:
1) T-Mobile owns the customer already
2) T-Mobile can market to the customers they already have
3) T-Mobile already understands consumer marketing
4) T-Mobile already has handset manufacturer relationships
5) T-Mobile already has a proven network
6) T-Mobile already has an IP backbone network that is feeding hotspots
7) T-Mobile’s hotspots are proven and reliable places to make IP phone calls from
8) T-Mobile can open up their network to third party apps that work at home and on the go
While there is no product announcement here, this news (or potential news) could be good for the IP communications space and for consumers. In addition it could potentially force other wireless carriers to follow suit.

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