Vocalocity is Growing Quickly: Here’s Why

Recently, customers, vendors and competitors have been talking about Vocalocity – as one of the fastest-growing cloud-based communications companies. In fact just a month ago Syngergy Research produced a report detailing how fast the cloud UC market is growing and mentioned Vocalocity is growing must faster than the market at at 45% while the market grew at 22%. This puts the company just behind 8×8 and Shoretel – which acquired M5 Networks to get into the cloud space in terms of market size.

An article from Steve Anderson on a TMCnet sister-site explains some of the reasons for the growth:

The channel partner program offers a campaign syndication tool that gives resellers options in terms of collateral and promotions so that the individual resellers get some choices in what can be offered. Additionally, there’s an affiliate linking program for preferred partners that includes banner ads and lead capturing tools, as well as a whole set of new tools geared toward customer account registration and further support in lead tracking.

In order to learn more I spoke with Liam McElhome VP and GM of wholesale services for the company who told me Vocalocity has a relentless focus on customer service and moreover he said, “We help small businesses sell and support better using their phone system.”

Other important news is the company will soon roll out an app with SIP support… Vocalocity also has integration with 12-13 software/service providers such as Salesforce, SugarCRM and QuickBooks and as Lior points out, an IP-PBX can’t do the things you can do with the cloud such as these integrations.

The company offers white-label service but in many cases a non-carrier such as a VAR doesnt want to handle the billing, collection, regulatory compliance, tax assessment, collection and remittance issues and this is why they also offer cobranded solutions such as Brand X UC powered by Vocalocity. Margins can be in the 30+ to 40+% range and resellers can set their own pricing meaning these percentages can be higher or lower.

Cloud services are certainly growing rapidly – not just in the UC space and Vocalcity seems to be doing a great job growing its business at a much faster clip than the industry at large. Now we’ll see how others in the space will react and grow in the next report.

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