VoIP Banned on Some Flights

Perhaps the best holiday gift for people who enjoy peace and quiet on their flights is an all out ban on VoIP in the sky. The AP is reporting on the sorts of things we may be allowed to do in the sky like view porn or talk.
It is too soon to know which airlines will allow what but I am sure there will be extreme pressure on airlines to allow talking if they can monetize it effectively. The question is how to allow talking without disturbing passengers who want quiet.
Will airlines have talking sections like they used to have smoking sections?
Then again, what happens when you are seated in a row that has a baby crying? Is talking more annoying than a baby crying?
As a frequent Metro North train traveler I can sympathize with how annoying some callers can be. I suspect this issue will not go away anytime soon and it will be worth watching.
In addition one imagines the airlines are going to think these issues through very carefully as some travelers won’t travel on an airline that restricts them from talking while in-flight.
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