Where the VoIP Resellers Are

Sometimes I read marketing pieces that really make me scratch my head. This morning, while catching up on industry news I may have missed while at NXTComm, I came across a competitive site promoting a new event that was going to “fill a void in the industry”. Right away it grabbed my attention, because I could not figure out what void existed in IP Communications trade shows. Sure enough, a new show has been launched that claims it will bring together resellers and VARs with vendors. That immediately brought a smile to my face. Not because there is an actual void in the industry, but because you have to appreciate marketing speak. Here the marketers are solving a problem that has never existed outside of their own event.
TMC’s Internet Telephony Conference and Expo has attracted tens of thousands of resellers, VARs, agents and system integrators over the years and we have seen this audience become one of the most dominant features of our event. We have been offering these valuable attendees unparalleled conference sessions at no charge and they have rewarded our efforts by becoming the de-facto event for IP communications resellers to attend.
The marketing for this new event should have stated that they were “hoping to fill a void in their event that has existed for years”, since Internet Telephony Conference and Expo has been filling the void in the industry since 1999.
Sorry, sometimes I get fired up and have to de-bunk myths….

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