How Wearable Tech Made Corning’s Day Made of Glass Obsolete

If you want to marvel at the future of wearable technology as well as augmented reality, take a look at this video from Atheer Labs which shows just how fast things can evolve before our eyes. Just a few years back Corning wowed many with their Day Made of Glass video series which envisioned a world where every surface was intelligent thanks to their smart-glass solutions. Now however we see that augmented reality in many ways alleviates the need to add glass to every surface we come in contact with.

Almost overnight the concept of wearable technology has wiped out potentially tens of billions of dollars of extra spending to touch-and-display-enable our world… Wow. Talk about a disruptive technology – smart glass getting disrupted by smart glasses. The video below shows what is possible – in fact it reminds us we may not need TVs in the future… Or smartphones or tablets or dedicated computers, etc.

Here is the Atheer Labs demo video

Here is A Day Made of Glass 2 video from Corning made in 2011

If you want to learn more check out the Atheer labs Indiegogo funding page where you can donate $10, purchase a pair of Atheer One glasses for $400, a variety of developer and gift kits and more.

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