AudioCodes Shows MailVision “Carrier Skype” Solution at MWC 2012

AudioCodes is showing a VoIP client which is a Viber or Bria-like app which also connects with many third-party solutions. It is designed to be superior to typical consumer solutions as it connects with many social networks and also has the backend systems which integrate nicely with large-scale carriers. There is also XMPP support as well as connectivity with MS Lync and Facebook. There is multi-language capability – there are 2M users now in APAC and they expect this number to grow to 20M by the end of the year.

I had a chance to speak with Eran Levinson from AudioCodes here at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona and he explained that his company is the main shareholder in MailVision who helped develop this software solution.

Zeev Lerner the CEO of MailVision says this is the only solution which is designed for large-scale carrier implementations with out-of-the box support for carriers. He went on to say, “The solution is designed to have business logic behind it. This is designed for carriers.” He continued, “If you have Skype and your phone gets lost… Another person can use the service. With our solution you can call customer service and kill the service and bind it to your new telephone.” He said we are in the business mind of the carrier – including security issues. Security call flows are very important to carriers – and we know how to handle access to the carrier’s walled garden. And this is voice – the main business of the carriers.

Another differentiator is support for Blackberry as well as the other major players such as Android, iOS, and a web client.


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