Globys Uses the Power of Social to Boost Carrier Sales

You may recall a commercial for Faberge Organic shampoo from decades back where the person using the shampoo said when you like it and try it, you tell 2 friends and so on. This is the exact idea which came to mind when I met with Lara Albert and Olly Downs of Globys. They told me recently that the company made some Social graph augmentations to their Globys Mobile Occasions solution. These contextual marketing platform advancements help carriers increase their understanding of the viral impact of social interactions.

In fact the company found that when a person purchases a SIM card for a single-use application such as a temporary number associated with an eBay or Craigslist ad, you can reduce churn by crediting the customer’s account before the balance runs out. As a result, what happens is the social sphere increases as the phone is used more often and as a result, more people have this phone number. This then makes the number stickier and more difficult to abandon.

The slide below shows how a person’s network expands over time and as a result of an increased balance on their account. (This test was done in APAC)

Of course the company’s platform can be used in more ways beyond this – it can group people together based on purchasing propensities and also can measure social influence. In other words, it can help determine that a low-usage customer is responsible for helping make purchasing decisions for 50 or more family members.

A few of the latest trends in tech are big data and marketing automation… Globys straddles these two disciplines nicely allowing carriers to generate more revenue from their customer base. In the process, it can help them grow nicely through the viral power of social sharing – 2 friends or more at a time.

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