Mobile Browsing Gets Better

Stacy Higginbotham over at GigaOm has some thoughts on mobile browsing and concludes that the mobile web browsing experience is still not great but it is getting better. She discusses a number of new and even existing companies who are targeting this market and hopefully making it easier to browse while on the go.

As Higginbotham points out, it is essential for wireless carriers to give us better browsing as AT&T has shown you can make amazing money if you can provide a better browsing experience.

As a user of the mobile web, I must say that things are getting better but I still wish for larger screens and better keyboards. An iPhone with a screen double the size allowing for a larger keyboard and more browsing room would be fantastic.

If the device could be slightly thiker and have a clamshell design allowing it to double the screen real estate, I would be thrilled. For mobile browsing, I think Nokia’s N800 or N810 is still the gold standard but of course you need to connect the device wirelessly to your phone if you want to access the web over a cellular connection.

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