Plantronics Savi W430 Designed for Performance and Your Inner-Geek


When advising entrepreneurs how best to explain their products to customers to minimize the barrier to adoption, I often say focus on the solutions your product or service provides. At the end of the day, we all have problems and will pay to have them solved. In case you doubt me I invite you to visit Doggie Doo Not, a service dedicated to pooper scooper activities on your property. Years back I heard the amount of money being made by someone involved in the “yard sanitation” business and was blown away.

Somehow I feel I should wash my hands before I segue back to TMC’s Brendan Read who recently wrote up the very innovative Plantronics Savi 430 which I believe to be a great product because it allows you to solve the problem of poor headset quality and interference. It also allows greater portability than most other wireless headset solutions on the market. So now that we have the benefits out of the way, let’s get into the guts of this device which are where you techies should get really pumped.

This is the first wireless PC headset with a DECT USB adapter meaning you can plug it into any computer with a USB port and voila have a wireless VoIP call with amazing quality and 300 feet of walking range. The device uses DECT 6.0 technology which has been proven for years in the US and even more years in Europe – it works well and has minimal interference problems with WiFi. BTW the 6.0 designation really doesn’t mean what you may think – this was the name/number combo which represents small changes to DECT for the US market, there was no DECT 1-5 that you missed out on.

Other benefits of this new headset include noise cancelling; proprietary SoundGuard technology which guards against spikes like a fax machine that gets a bit aggressive when you call a hybrid phone/fax line. Another great feature can be used in places like conferences and restaurants is the ability to conference a total of four headsets.

I haven’t tried the headset but based on past experience with so many Plantronics products over the last 30 years I feel comfortable recommending it. Oh, and my inner-geek just can’t wait to check out its wideband technology and perhaps use it to listen to some old Star Trek episodes – or maybe even watch the Fifth Element for hundredth time.

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