Skyroam Solis X is a Full-Featured Global Smartspot for Travelers

Skyroam has a new product – Solis X WiFi Smartspot, the first premium portable hotspot with WiFi, remote camera, power bank, and smart assistant.

That is an awful lot of functionality in a tiny package – relatively speaking, anyway.

Skyroam just won a $2.2 million patent suit and injunction and is ready to accelerate its growth.

The global WiFi company that helps travelers stay connected around the world gives consumers the ability to simultaneously see, listen, speak, and connect from down the street or across the globe. 

This device really has it all and is a great alternative to purchasing international plans for each device – this can be quite costly. We would say that about any run-of-the-mill Jetpack. This one is quite incredible though. A smart assistant lets it perform features based on logic you desire. Over 16 hours of battery life ensures you can work all day – even if you have jet lag.

Here are all the features:

  • Connect instantly: Skyroam’s patented Virtual SIM technology connects in over 130+ countries and is shareable on 10 different devices. Fast, 4G LTE speeds, wide-range global frequency bands offer a more reliable connection.
  • Be your own charging station: The Solis X has a 4700 mAh battery that works as a portable power bank to charge smartphones mid-day and avoid the dreaded 1%.
  • Share moments that matter: The Solis X remote camera is 8MP with flash, wide-angle view, and self-timer to capture, record, monitor and live stream on-the-go. Control through the Solis WiFi app.
  • Do it all from anywhere: Using the Solis X smart assistant, powered by built-in GPS and IFTTT, users can control or automate thousands of apps and services from the Solis WiFi App and Smartspot with a single tap.

The Skyroam Solis X comes with the Solis WiFi App, which enables the use of the remote camera, smart assistant feature, and allows users to buy WiFi and manage their hotspot. The combination of Solis X Smartspot and Solis WiFi App provides digitally enthusiastic users with a unique solution to engage in all their favorite connected activities and services. 

Costs are reasonable – 4G LTE WiFi is $9 per month for 1GB and $9 per additional GB. Unlimited monthly is $99 with no contract.

Cool looking avatar of Skyroam Founder and CEO, Jing Liu

“The Solis X was designed to enhance social, family, and travel experiences for anyone who wishes to do more from anywhere,” says Skyroam Founder and CEO, Jing Liu. “By expanding upon what Skyroam does best, we are enabling so many more consumers to stay connected with loved ones, stay powered on, stay socially engaged and stay integrated into their “smart” lifestyle with no geographic limits. We see Solis X as a platform and are excited to see how our customers will use their imagination to bring its possibilities to life in hundreds of new ways.”

Customers can purchase the Skyroam Solis X WiFi Smartspot at $179.99 USD. It’s an easy set-up via the Solis WiFi Mobile App, no SIMs are needed, and customers can simply register, choose their WiFi (pay-as-you-go or subscribe). Finally, activate and share on up to 10 connected devices at once. The original Skyroam Solis product is available for sale at $149.99 USD. 

We’re pretty blown away by this device. It has almost too-many features but it is cost-effective and who can’t use an extra battery when they travel?

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