Xirrus XR-520 AP For Smaller Areas

Xirrus is known for large-scale WiFi systems and conferences and xirrus.pngstadiums are a typical area where you will see the company’s products. It seems however there are times when Xirrus customers want to WiFi enable smaller areas. For this reason the company rolled out the XR-520 AP which they tout as the only software-programmable AP in its class with a radio that can run in either the 5GHz or 2.4GHz bands.

Lest you think the company is competing with the likes of the consumer router/AP companies whose products you can pick up in Wal-Mart and Best Buy – fear not… Xirrus touts the inclusion of significant horsepower in the form of a dual-core Cavium network processor.

The new AP also has a suite of integrated services such as wireless IDS/IPS, stateful firewall, spectrum analysis, guest access, and Bonjour Director for Apple iOS device optimization.

The news isn’t earth-shattering but does show that companies over time all look for growth and generally go up or down-market. There wasn’t much farther up the wireless networking company could go so the move down makes sense. It also allows them to move more product as the market for smaller APs is obviously larger than the market for huge ones. It’s a nice addition to the company’s XR-500 line of solutions.

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