FREETALK Everyman Skype Headset Review

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FREETALK Everyman Skype Headset Review

The FREETALK Everyman is a foldable super wideband audio "Skype certified" USB headset designed by Skype themselves. Why this isn't called the Skype Everyman headset is beyond me. I guess perhaps why want to market this headset as doing much more than Skype calls. They sent me one for review today so I thought I'd write up my impressions.

When I opened it out of the box I noticed the large speakers and the flexible rotation for additional comfort when wearing it. The foam on the speakers is pretty soft but not overly soft that it breaks down or tears in a year. Like most headsets you can adjust the length of the headset piece. I liked the thickness of the plastic which gave a sturdy feel to it. I've encountered too many headsets that try and über thin but break after extended usage. I think this headset will hold up to wear and tear, especially since it is designed to fold down and stick in your laptop bag. I don't know about you, but I stuff my laptop bag with 10lbs of gadget accessories, batteries, etc., so I need a headset than can hold up if the laptop bag is resting on its side.

Here's a snapshot of the headset folded down:

The FREETALK Everyman supports Skype's super wideband SILK audio codec. What's unique about this headset is that it supports a 3.5mm jack, which you can connect to an MP3 player, iPhone?, etc. Though I wouldn't go sporting this large headset with a boom mic while going for a jog or working out at the gym. Course, I lost my iPod ear buds and had to resort to using a bulky headset with mic at the gym for a whole week until my replacement arrived in the mail. Only got a few stares, but it's all good.

The flexible boom mic is very adjustable as you can bend it at any point on the boom. It's pretty stiff, which is good, since some mic booms too easily move and have to be readjusted, especially if you took it off, put on your desk and then put it back on. This headset's mic boom is stiff enough so I didn't have to re-adjust everytime I put it back on.

I made some test Skype calls and the audio quality was excellent. I also connected my iPhone using the 3.5mm jack and was able to play music using the iPod application on the iPhone. Slightly better bass response than my iPhone ear buds due to the larger speakers. All in all, a pretty good Skype headset.

Notice the Y-cable (USB + 3.5mm jack) with the 3.5mm jack connected to iPhone

• Developed in direct association with Skype for optimal performance
• Up to 60 minutes call time to phones and mobiles included
• Super wideband audio
• Unidirectional microphone helps eliminate background noise
• Neodymium speakers for rich full range stereo sound 20Hz-20KHz
• Innovative, light fold-flat design.
• Plug & Play instant use with excellent USB sound quality
• Handy optional 3.5mm jack allows MP3 connection when travelling
• Adjustable headband and microphone
• PC and Mac compatible
• Weighs only 124 g

• Windows 2000® / XP® / Vista™ Operating System
• MAC OS X 10.22 or newer
• Available USB port
• 256 MB RAM

Also it's supposed to come with 60 minutes SkypeOut calling, I didn't see a Skype credit voucher in the sealed box. Probably because it's a review unit, so I can't complain. You can buy it here for just $22.88.

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