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Begun the Search War Has! Google+ Social Search Results in Bing Defections

Could Google's recent change "Search, Plus Your World" be a "Netflix" faux pas causing a similar mass exodus of users from Google to Microsoft's Bing search engine? Well, at least one high-profile website, Gizmodo has one of its columnists jumping...

SEO Webinar Today With Search Engine Watch

Rich Tehrani is hosting a webinar with Jonathan Allen, SEO expert and director of Search Engine Watch. According to Rich, "this will be the third-part in a webinar series which has focused on helping companies build content-based and other types...

Cool (Cuil) New Search Engine Launches

Seems like everyone and their brothers and sisters is writing or blogging about the launch of a new search engine today that apparently digs even deeper into the Internet to bring more accurate searches. The new SE, called Cuil...

Google Promotes Blogs and Videos

Google has been integrating video clips into the search results, but now it appears they've added another option to quickly search for videos or blogs with that keyword in mind. I was doing a search on "multi-touch" when I noticed...

Google Blog Search Sucks

Google Blog Search sucks and here's why. First, it is cluttered with spammy MFA (Made for Adsense) blogs that often aggregate (steal) content from legitimate blogs. I used to use Google Blog Search to see who was linking to my...

Googlemania = Future Breakup?

Google has been on a buying spree, recently picking up DoubleClick, YouTube, and Trendalyzer. They've also acquired in the past Picasa, Keyhole, Tonic Systems (a new Powerpoint competitor), and a plethora of other companies. Google is just about the most...
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