3rd Gen TiVo Goes HD

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3rd Gen TiVo Goes HD

Don't count TiVo down and out just yet.

The new high-end TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder is the first stand-alone TiVo product that is HD-compatible. It's also the world's first THX-certified digital video recorder (that means awesome audio).

Dual tuners allow subscribers to record two different shows in HD at the same time, while watching a third pre-recorded show.  With the front-panel display, the TiVo Series3 will show what is recording, even when the television is off.

Users can record up to 32 hours of HD programming or up to 300 hours of Standard Definition programming.

According to the company, extensive video analysis and performance testing by THX ensures content will always playback at the maximum quality and resolution. 

THX was born out of George Lucas' vision to improve the movie-going experience. A driving force in cinema, post-production, car audio and home entertainment, THX is dedicated to developing new ways to make the creation, delivery and presentation of entertainment content more efficient, more powerful and more enjoyable.

The advanced chipset in the TiVo Series3 HD box also lays the groundwork for support for more advanced download features in the future. (You knew those were coming, didn't you?)

If you need more, the press release gives it to you.

Availability: Mid-September (hey, that's soon!).

MSRP: $799.99.



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