Toyota FJ Cruiser and Dodge Viper are the Collectibles of Tomorrow

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Toyota FJ Cruiser and Dodge Viper are the Collectibles of Tomorrow

I was reading a CNN/ article the other day that listed the "hypothetical" top 10 future collectible cars in the year 2027. The list included the Dodge Viper, of which I'm a proud owner, but also a Toyoya FJ Cruiser, which was won by an attendee at the end of ITEXPO. Yet another great reason to attend ITEXPO - the chance to win a car. Wish I was eligible. :( The funny thing is that Rich Tehrani ran into the Toyota FJ Cruiser raffle winner while he was driving to the airport. He even captured a video of it - check it out.
2008 Dodge Viper2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

I was a bit surprised to see a Japanese vehicle be considered a future classic collectible vehicle since most collectible cars today are American - it's part of Americana. I guess in 2027 those days of American car collectible dominance will be over. According to the article, Hagerty Insurance, a company that specializes in insuring collectible cars, tried to determine what collectors might think is cool 10 or 20 years from now.

"Last year, the company began routinely asking its roughly 50,000 customers to guess which of today's common consumer vehicles they thought might be hot collectibles decades from now. The most surprising thing about the resulting list, said Hagerty Insurance president McKeel Hagerty, was the number of Japanese cars on the menu. And the relative absence of American cars.

Collectible Japanese cars are all but unheard of today. But, in the future, Toyota's Scion cars and its FJ Cruiser off-roader might be hot items at car auctions, Hagerty's customers predicted."

The only American cars were two Chrysler products, the Chrysler 300 and the Dodge Viper. The Mini Cooper, Jaguar XK, and Lotus Elise are some of the other interesting cars that made the list. I was thinking about selling my Viper, but as a friend pointed out, maybe I shouldn't?

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