Vonage IPO Lawsuit and my Lawsuit over my Cold Pizza

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Vonage IPO Lawsuit and my Lawsuit over my Cold Pizza

Sure, all the hubbub is over Vonage users suing Vonage over their failed IPO and refusing to pay for their Vonage shares, but I have my own pending lawsuit against Vonage - and it's over my cold pizza.

Last night, I ordered a large sausage pizza from La Familia in Brookfield. I gave them my address and home phone number, which was a Norwalk exchange since I kept my Norwalk phone number when I moved to Brookfield. Apparently, the driver looked at the phone number (854-XXXX) and knew it wasn't a Brookfield exchange, so he thought it was a Newtown phone number, which coincidentally also has the exact street name as my house. So he drove on I-84 to exit 10 (20 min away from my house) and knocked on the door of some unsuspecting residents who told them they didn't order a pizza.

The delivery guy then called my house and asked where I lived. I told him the address and the town to which he responded, "Brookfield? You're in Brookfield? Ok, I'll be there as soon as I can."

I knew the pizza was going to be cold at this point and I hate cold pizza. I won't even touch a cold pizza the next day. So I was pretty pissed that I was going to be paying for a cold pizza. So Vonage, my friend, expect to be served with another lawsuit in the next few days. If somebody can sue McDonalds over a hot coffee spilling, then surely I can sue over a cold pizza. It's downright un-American to eat a freshly made pizza, cold. Vonage, you will rue the day you made me eat a cold $17 pizza!

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