New Xbox One Bundles Incoming; Another Price Drop To Follow?

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New Xbox One Bundles Incoming; Another Price Drop To Follow?

Some exciting news is afoot for those who haven't pulled the trigger as yet on landing a new Xbox One. Specifically, those interested in Xbox One and certain titles will be able to land a complete box set of the systems in question. But given the time of year, and the time of the releases, is this actually posing a larger possibility to come: a full Xbox One price cut?

The news by itself is pretty good for what it is in isolation. Fairly soon, there will be an Xbox One system offered for users along with a copy of “Madden NFL 15.” Though there won't be a Kinect included, the whole system together will cost $399, or essentially, the same cost of a standard Kinect-free system, meaning that users will be able to buy a Kinectless Xbox One and get a free copy of “Madden NFL 15.” Later, a white Xbox One—the first such system of its class—will be released with a copy of “Sunset Overdrive,” and though there's no pricing yet on this one, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if, once again, it was $399.

While this is good news on all sides, it's enough to make someone start wondering. This is maybe the third time such a price adjustment has emerged in the last several months, but while that by itself wouldn't mean much of anything, there's another point that might contribute. Anyone who's looking at the calendar knows that we're well into the third quarter, and the fourth quarter is just a couple months away. With the fourth quarter comes holiday shopping season—sometimes it even comes at the end of the third quarter—and with that comes price adjustments for just about anything. So with these bundles set to come out and the holiday shopping season set to arrive, it's worth considering that Microsoft may be thinking about a price cut to draw in the holiday shoppers that haven't made the jump yet.

Does that mean there WILL be such a drop? No, not at all. It's entirely possible that these packages will represent the price drops, and that will be the extent of it. But it's also possible that a response could be waiting for the upcoming holiday shopping season. With Microsoft lagging noticeably in the field, especially as compared against Sony's PlayStation 4, a little extra push could ultimately be valuable for Microsoft in the field. Regardless of what happens in the next three months or so, there will be bundles to come, so for those still considering the Xbox One purchase, it may be a good idea to pull that trigger soon.

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