EvE: Valkyrie Ready to be the Big Name in VR eSports

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EvE: Valkyrie Ready to be the Big Name in VR eSports

While there's little doubt that eSports has been a pretty big concept ever since it first came on the scene--and has been making some really impressive gains thereafter--it's an idea that just doesn't seem to go quite as far as it could. Sure, it's great fun watching people run around blasting each other in some breed of "Halo" or "Call of Duty" or "Battlefront", but are we thinking too small? The crew out at "EvE: Valkyrie" thinks so, and when you think about what that means, you too might be salivating at the thought of the inevitable scope of this whole idea.

For a while, eSports has been about teams, about a handful of players running and jumping and shooting, but "EvE: Valkyrie" may be poised to blow the doors off the concept with the idea of fleets of spacecraft blazing away at each other. And "EvE: Valkyrie"'s team has been hard at work getting it ready for prime time and the eventual release of the Oculus Rift, a development which will better put users in the position of flying spacecraft in a bid to take on the enemy.

While there's certainly skepticism here, and not without reason--it's not out of line to say that virtual reality has been "the next big thing" for quite some time now, and long-time gamers remember the era of blocky, pixellated games at $5 a crack--this could well prove a major effort.

Remember the battle scenes in "Ender's Game"? Now think about an entire hour-long presentation that's nothing but the IF versus the Formics. Sixty straight minutes of ships getting blasted, of flank and counter-flank, in beautiful 1080p. Would you whomp up a plate of nachos ahead of that at 1:00 Sunday afternoon? I'd bet you would. Would you sit through a half-hour pre-game talking about the likely matchup between the IF Devastator and the Formic Klik'jaar? Maybe, but not necessarily.

And the part that means anything: would you sit through 20 minutes of commercials and 10 minutes of post-game analysis in the process? If you would, congratulations: you and those like you might well make eSports every bit the thing that college basketball is, assuming there's enough of you to make a difference.

But we don't have to stop there. We can go on with eSports; let's consider a version of eSports like the game "Evolve" featuring one monster that's out to put down four hunters, and four hunters out to do likewise to the monster. Let's consider a version that's like the upcoming "Friday the 13th" game may prove to be, with one nigh-immortal serial killer wiping out a crowd of 30 who then have to plot together how to destroy said monstrosity lest it take them all out first. It's easier with larger numbers, but as the numbers get smaller the advantage turns to the monster.

There are a great many possibilities in eSports, and "EvE: Valkyrie" represents just a few of them. Only time will tell which ones make it to the big stage and which ones don't, but we could be in for a very exciting time to come.

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