So Who Won E3 2015, Anyway?

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So Who Won E3 2015, Anyway?

It's a question that's been going on for some time now...after E3, or most any other major event, the question inevitably comes up of just who "won" the event in question. That means different things to different people, but it's a matter of who had the biggest news, the best reveals, and overall, a greatest showing. So who took the crown this year? Oddly, it's the same as last year.

Back in 2013, it wasn't hard to pick a winner: Sony had a great show, and all but destroyed Microsoft's strange, rambling, tech-heavy show that featured a host of conclusions that consumers didn't want to hear. Sony's incredible short commercial on "how to share games" featuring two Sony staffers passing a disk back and forth was the unquestioned winner of the event, and left Microsoft a target of public ridicule.

But in 2014, Microsoft focused on the games, and brought a whole lot of new force to the show. Sony kept up trading blows with Microsoft, and even Nintendo managed to have a few things to show. That year the gamers were the winners, because regardless of what platform you favored--even Nintendo--you had some great titles to look forward to. Sure, some would get delayed or canceled, but there was still quite a bit of good times afoot.

This year, meanwhile, was about the same. A ton of announcements on each side--including quite a few that were for both Xbox One and PS4 at the same time--meant that both sides of the aisle had plenty of good times. When Fallout 4 made its big debut and even revealed that its release date was a matter of months rather than years, the cheering was deafening. Even Nintendo managed to bring out some love for its fanbase, including the out-of-left-field shock that was the return of the Nintendo World Championships. Given the rise of e-sports, that shouldn't be so much of a surprise, but it is nonetheless.

While Sony's admission that the end of 2015 would be a bit slow in terms of new releases--especially given that Microsoft's 2015 would be crammed full of releases and then beyond--didn't help matters, there were enough "I never thought I'd see that one!" releases like The Last Guardian and Shenmue 3 to make a huge difference.

It was the gamers that won E3 this year, because everyone came out ahead. No matter what the platform of choice was, there were gains all over. Microsoft had its best show in years. Sony had a great show only slightly tarnished by its end. Nintendo was having fun with it, even if it was a bit short on the content front. A host of developers were out in full force. It was a great show no matter who you were or what side of the fence you were on. There was enough, really, to even make you consider if there was room in your life for a second game console. I admit I was, and I've been a Microsoft enthusiast since the "hueg" days. Maybe Microsoft had a bit of the edge this year thanks to the fact its games are mostly coming soon, but what Sony had to offer was too good to pass up even with a wait involved.

The gamers won E3 this year, for the second year in a row. And frankly, I can only hope that we win it next year too.

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