Fathom Events Readies International DOTA 2 Championship for the Big Screen

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Fathom Events Readies International DOTA 2 Championship for the Big Screen

With all the post-E3 fallout, not to mention all the news about the latest Fallout, Fallout 4, we haven't heard a lot about the e-sports market lately. But needless to say, this is a field that's still going great guns by most every applicable standard, and there's one big point that will help fuel that concept as the International DOTA 2 Championship makes its way to the big screen.

More specifically, Fathom Events--a firm already well-known for providing unusual event releases to movie theaters--will be bringing the International DOTA 2 Championship to movie theaters. The event will be broadcast live, according to reports, and seen at almost 400 theaters throughout the United States. A complete list of said theaters can be found at Fathom Events' website, with updates said to be made "daily."

Naturally, this is one of the biggest events in the e-sports calendar, and there will likely be plenty of viewers on hand at Seattle's KeyArena to watch the action live. There will almost certainly be a huge number of streaming viewers on hand, and for those who want to check out all the action on one of the biggest screens around, this will prove just the opportunity.

It's easy to forget about e-sports sometimes, but this is a field that's still making a lot of headway. It may not be on the same level as baseball or basketball just yet, but it's clearly no flash in the pan about to expire. This is proof positive of that much, and its comparative accessibility may well be the perfect help. Can you imagine the level of red tape--or worse, expense--that would be required for Fathom Events to bring the Super Bowl to theaters? Or the World Series? But the International DOTA 2 Championship, now, that's a possibility. That possibility is likely going to help give the e-sports movement that little extra push to make it a powerhouse in the field.

We're still in comparatively early days for e-sports, so keeping an eye on things will be merited. But the idea of video games being a major spectator sport already seems to be catching on, and could very well become a serious event before too much longer has passed.

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