Destiny Sequels Potentially Uncovered with Court Filings

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Destiny Sequels Potentially Uncovered with Court Filings

An interesting development recently cropped up for one of the biggest shooter RPGs around: Destiny. It turns out that Bungie and Activision were planning to roll out the Destiny train a lot sooner than was originally planned, and we may well have not seen the last of Destiny as yet either.

The word came from court documents that noted that the original Destiny was set to arrive in September 2013, but didn't due to what were called "substantial revisions" taken to the story itself. The court documents themselves, meanwhile, are reportedly related to a suit between Bungie and Marty O'Donnell, and had more to say than just a delayed release date.

Indeed, the documents reportedly talk about a set of new disc-based sequels set to come out every other year until 2019, followed by the "largest downloadable content product" seen yet that was to hit in September 2020. With "The Taken King" now on hand, it's possibly the start of something much, much larger.

Naturally, this schedule is already out of date, and therefore may have ultimately been scrapped, potentially as being too ambitious in the first place. Or, we could be getting our first look at a whole lot more Destiny to come, a development that would make Destiny one of the biggest franchises around if all went according to plan.

I have to admit, it wouldn't be bad to see more Destiny about. Having tried it briefly, I know that it's a pretty impressive little game with lots of fun involved. Seeing more of it, therefore, could be just as exciting. Though admittedly, it's entirely possible that it could be wearing out its welcome with too-frequent updates. Indeed, with so much else in the pipeline already a biannual release might well be a little too much of a good thing.

Will users be okay with such frequent releases? Or will Destiny, like fish and houseguests, stink after three days? That's a point that'll be worth watching, and there'll be plenty more to follow.

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