Good News for Star Wars: Battlefront Players

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Good News for Star Wars: Battlefront Players

Sometimes good news for gamers can be in short supply. Some of the best news doesn't hit, delays show up, and sometimes there's nothing at all about your most anticipated titles for weeks, or even months. But sometimes the news is quite good, and today we found that out firsthand with news about "Star Wars: Battlefront."

First off, the word about credits in the game has been clarified thanks to Niklas Fegraeus, who serves as Battlefront's design director. The credits are, at last report, earned based on gameplay, with completed challenges offering up available options for further play within the game proper. This is actually a welcome bit of news--or likely will be to many--as the idea of an in-game currency used to unlock extra features of the game could have lent itself rather readily to microtransactions. Considering further EA's involvement in "Star Wars: Battlefront," and the idea of microtransactions suddenly went from dark possibility to grim likelihood. But that's not the case, and that's welcome news.

With a new multiplayer beta recently hitting, fresh gameplay footage, and word about new modes including the Drop Zone mode that looks like it could be a real winner in its own right, things are definitely looking up for "Star Wars: Battlefront," and that's good news. This is a game, after all, that hits right between two of the biggest open world game release of the last couple of years: "Fallout 4" and "Just Cause 3." These are serious names in an industry already packed with same, so for "Star Wars: Battlefront" to get anywhere, it's going to have to pull out all the stops. Granted, what I've seen of this game already does that and then some--man, does it ever!--and there's no denying that it's got that "Star Wars" credibility that only a major license like this can give. But where, under normal circumstances, this would be sufficient to make a game into a hit, it may just be enough to turn a game into a marginal success.

It looks like it'll be a terrific game. This latest news about no microtransactions is the cherry on top. But it's going to be going up against a whole lot of competition, and that competition is going to be very strong. If it had released into any other environment it would have likely been a sure hit, but in the environment it's currently releasing into? It's anyone's guess as to whether or not it will work in the end.

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