Slate of Fallout 4 Gameplay Videos Strikes Pastebin

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Slate of Fallout 4 Gameplay Videos Strikes Pastebin

With just a few days left to go--those who stay up late Monday night will be rewarded with Fallout 4 gameplay--a flood of leaks has emerged ahead of what may well have been one of the best-kept secrets in gaming. Several images have leaked, but over on Pastebin, there are four gameplay leaks showing off various aspects of the game.

The videos seem mainly limited to early events; one features your character's conversation with the Vault-Tec representative at the front door, while another follows your egress from Sanctuary Hills to Vault 111. Those wondering how the residents managed to get in with a nuclear blast going on will find an answer here. A third video features interaction with the Pip-Boy on the streets of Boston in the middle of a mission, and the fourth continues the mission taking on a host of Super Mutants in a tower.

Those concerned about graphics should have no troubles here; the graphics look sharp, particularly for a handful of videos put on Pastebin. The videos cover a variety of different cases, and really, don't give all that much away. The idea that a game with over 400 hours of content, by some reports, could ever be really extensively spoilered by less than 20 minutes of Pastebin video is ludicrous. Though the fact that this video exists in the first place won't be much of a big deal. It's nothing that we won't see in short order, and those who do watch it won't be getting all that much in spoilers. Let's put it this way; if this were "Fallout: New Vegas", you'd see the opening footage of Benny shooting you in the head, Doc Mitchell patching you up and running you through the Vigor Tester, and then footage of you running out of Novac to kick off the REPCONN test site mission. That's the equivalent of what these four videos spoiled. We're talking sub-whole-number percentages here.

Still, the videos are on hand for those who want to check them out, and if you're as curious as I am about the state of Fallout 4, you'll be happy to know that we're going to be in some very good hands very early next Tuesday morning. I've been looking forward to this since I talked my way out of the Lonesome Road; this is going to be great.

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