The Fallout 4 Mod Kit Hits PC

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The Fallout 4 Mod Kit Hits PC

This may well be some of the biggest news we've heard in quite some time, or at least some of the biggest news we've heard about Fallout since the release of the second piece of downloadable content. The good news is that the long-awaited Fallout 4 mod kit is finally starting to make its appearance, and is now officially available for PC.

The Fallout 4 Creation Kit, as it's known, will open the field to regular users, and give said users access to the exact same tools that Bethesda programmers used to create the game originally. With the Creation Kit in hand, users will be able to modify most anything in the game already: characters, outfits, quests, environments and more will all be on hand to toy with. Plus, there will even be a slight modification to the game's opening menu, adding the word "Mods" to the main screen, giving users the ability to access the mods already available without having to leave the game. 

More updates to the mod system will follow, including the ability to comment on said mods. The PC version is now available, and console versions will get access to mods soon. Xbox One will get them first in May, followed by PlayStation 4 in June. These dates may shift, however, as Bethesda notes there's "a lot to do yet" before the mods are ready to go.

What's surprising here is that we still have quite a bit of DLC to go yet, with the Far Harbor release in May and potentially more to follow. That's going to mean potentially more content that was even released before, and it's exciting to think that we're about to unlock a new golden age of Fallout for consoles. Most of us likely know about Fallout: New Vegas' incredible array of mods, featuring all manner of new quests and exciting new play mechanics. With mods available, and three different platforms' worth of players doing the heavy lifting, there's a lot more potential than there was with just PC players modding.

We'll have a lot to see fairly soon, and mods may ultimately prove the best thing to happen to console gaming since consoles.

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