Microsoft Takes Stabs at Sony Practices, Future Models

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Microsoft Takes Stabs at Sony Practices, Future Models

Microsoft has been on the attack of late in the console wars, and running down the events of the last couple weeks suggests that Microsoft may be planning a way to take back its top slot from the drubbing it took over the last few years against Sony.

First, Microsoft scored big for Fallout 4 fans when it was revealed that Fallout 4 mods were never actually coming to Sony. Meanwhile, Xbox One has offered access to mods on Fallout 4 since May, and a summer full of mods has meant a hit on Sony. Making hay while the sun shines, Microsoft has been calling attention to this particular fact for some time. Sony, meanwhile, seems to be keeping comparatively mum as of the time of this writing.

Second, unexpected new sales data hit and revealed that Microsoft had outsold Sony in the United States over the last two months, and Microsoft is likewise taking this ball and running with it. Microsoft is even taking the opportunity to point out how the Xbox One S will have features that the PlayStation 4 Pro won't boast, and that's even before the issue of Project Scorpio gets involved.

While this isn't exactly bad news for Microsoft--it's been behind for some time now--it might be selling just a little too hard. Microsoft is already gaining ground against Sony, and if it crows too loudly about its own skill and success, it may well lose some of that footing down the line.

But the good part here is that Microsoft is clearly working from technical superiority. It's mocking Sony for not having features Microsoft does. Sony has no mod support. Sony doesn't have the console power. Sony doesn't have this or that and all the while, Microsoft does. That's a straight-up competitive fight, and it's kind of odd that Sony's just sort of rolling over. Why isn't Sony juicing up the Pro to fight back effectively? For crying out loud, it had to have known that the whole mod thing was going to come back on it.

Sony had a great lead going into this console generation, so much so that it could have held the top rank for some time to come. But with issues like mod support and the ongoing unpleasantness around No Man's Sky not living up to the hype, it's starting to look bad for Sony. It doesn't help matters that this console generation seems ready to break apart into several other console generations with the S, Pro, and Scorpio coming in a matter of a couple years.

Sony needs to start fighting back or risk losing all the ground it's gained so far. Microsoft's developing an increasingly powerful market profile here, and with Sony so new to the top of the food chain, it can ill afford to be knocked out now.

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