Sony Makes a Push for the Past in PS4

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Sony Makes a Push for the Past in PS4

There's been a lot made of backward compatibility lately, particularly as it relates to Microsoft. With good reason, too; people don't want to stop playing old games just because the console generation changed. With signs console generations may be changing faster than ever thanks to things like Project Scorpio, this might be a particularly valid concern. Word from Sony, though, suggests that this lesson isn't lost on the company, and several titles are poised to make a comeback on PS4.

The titles, meamwhile, feature some impressive older names. A set of older games will get remasters to 4K for impending release on the PS4 Pro, and included such wonders of the bygone era as LocoRoco, Patapon, and of course, PaRappa the Rapper. Plus, there's the Wipeout Omega Collection, which will feature not only Wipeout HD, but also Wipeout Fury and Wipeout 2048, all in one package.

Great news by most any standard, it means that not only some great old classics will be making their way back complete with fresh coat of paint, but it also signals a clear understanding on Sony's part that people want this content and will continue to ask for same until it's actually provided. Good news for those eager to enjoy this material, and better news for Sony, who will likely reap reward for offering it.

Old games seldom wear out their welcome, especially if the graphics are given suitable updates. All those fun gameplay elements are often still fun, and won't go amiss should they be returned to players' hands. I'm still enjoying Skyrim almost five years later thanks to the remaster, and I'm hardly alone here. For Sony to bring back some of the older games just makes sense, and this likely isn't the last we'll hear of such developments.

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