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Grand Theft Auto V Reopens Single-Player Modding

Well, the kerfuffle over single-player modding in Grand Theft Auto V appears to have been settled, thanks to a whole new outcry from the player base. Between online petitions and negative Steam reviews, it was apparently enough to force publisher...

Smells Like Virtual Reality: Vaqso Poised to Add Smell to VR

Recently, the folks at Vaqso unveiled a device that would offer a whole new dimension to virtual reality: smell. Originally designed as a means to promote restaurants with virtual reality displays including smell, the system is taking on some potential...

Nintendo Switch to Boast VR Capability?

You have to give Nintendo credit for being full of surprises; no more the hidebound also-ran, Nintendo is coming back from the disaster that was the Wii U in a big way, and the Nintendo Switch is leading the charge....

Shall We Play A Game? Angelina's Got One In Mind

It's a strange sort of medium we've struck now in gaming. First came WOPR, who wanted to play a game with stakes of unusual depth. Then came Skynet, who turned the whole planet into a horrible game that featured a...
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