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The Addictive Nature of Games in Two News Items

Normally I don't talk about topics like this, but the juxtaposition of two news items when I went looking for game news just jumped right out at me.Finding game news isn't always easy, particularly when you've got E3 coming up...

eSports Steps Up Into Racing Series in Vegas

While the biggest news in Las Vegas in the last few days was the Consumer Electronics Show, there was something else going on that wasn't as big, but still delivered an exciting new prospect in its own right. It's advancing...

Amazon Puts Up Six Figures for Prizes in the Appstore eSports Tournament

For anyone who's ever wondered why eSports these days seems limited to the first-person shooter or the arena battler, there's an event coming up specifically for you. Amazon has set up a $100,000 prize pool for its first-ever Appstore eSports...

NBA Elements Make Unexpected Push into eSports

An odd new development recently came to light as some major NBA figures recently made an equally major move in the field of eSports. Golden State Warriors' Peter Guber, along with a group of other features including none other than...

eSports & Plantronics--A Winning Team

Those of you who were around earlier in the week remember our earlier discussion about eSports, and how the Meltdown London may be something of the first step toward a whole new paradigm. Well, eSports just got another metaphorical shot...

Why The eSports Bar Could Be Up For High Scores

Earlier today, word came out from several sources about the upcoming opening of the Meltdown London eSports bar, a sports bar that would offer not only a variety of video game-themed drinks, but also a variety of video games. The...
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