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$1.8 Billion Annually By 2020: the eSports Market Heats Up

While the news these days has seemingly been heavy on the console market and the host of games that will be making it to such platforms as the holiday shopping season rapidly closes in, there's still word coming out around...

BlizzCon Brings StarCraft 2 & Hearthstone Add-Ons, Plus A Whole New Game

Wrapping up last week was a bit of a surprise as this year's BlizzCon came and left some new trailers in its wake. While not as big a deal as, say, E3, Gamescom or the Tokyo Game Show, BlizzCon often...

Game On: Getting More Gamers In On E-Sports With Beyond Gaming

The idea of turning gaming into a profession has long been the dream of kids pretty much since gaming was invented, and though today there are more opportunities to do so than ever before—here I cite games journalism, just like...

Hardware: Shipbreakers Steps Up The E-Sports Market

Admittedly, right now, the PC strategy market might seem a bit on the thickly-stocked side. But there's always room for Jello, so to speak, especially when that Jello can present an interesting new idea or an old one done well....

Why The eSports Bar Could Be Up For High Scores

Earlier today, word came out from several sources about the upcoming opening of the Meltdown London eSports bar, a sports bar that would offer not only a variety of video game-themed drinks, but also a variety of video games. The...

Can The IGN League Ever Be The Next NFL?

A recent bit of news arrived that, only yesterday, Blizzard purchased the IGN e-sports league, lock, stock and boxtop, in order to better facilitate the growth of a StarCraft II league. While this does bode well for gaming in general,...
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