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A Sad Last Look At 2013: The Lows Of The Year in Gaming

About this time of year, most folks involved in writing like to start looking back at the year that was, and start looking forward at the year that is yet to be. There's quite a bit to look back at,...

Fallout 4: Of Hoaxes and Good Marketing

So it goes, folks. Hoaxes. Hoaxes never change. Sometimes they get better, sometimes they get more elaborate. There was no denying that was easily one of the most elaborate hoaxes seen in recent memory, but still, the word about...

Microsoft Talks Used Games--Fees, Maybe

Something of good news emerged as Microsoft spilled the details on one of the biggest points of discussion surrounding the Xbox One: the issue of used games. While the news wasn't all good by any stretch, it is better news...

New Xbox Release Date, Pricing Suggested With New Reports

The next generation of console wars is about to shape up for good, folks, as a set of new reports came out concerning the new Xbox. The news isn't all good, nor is it all bad. But either way, the...

New Job Posting At Bethesda Suggests Sequel

Those out there who love their Fallout and Elder Scrolls games know that when one title comes to an end, it's time to start looking to the next. Now, with the newest one complete on its DLC run, it's time...

Fallout 4's Boston Return Seems A Bit More Likely Now

Not too long ago, we got some early word that suggested there was a return in the works for Fallout 4 and that we would likely be headed back to the East Coast, though not quite where we may have...
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