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Ark: Survival Evolved, I've Had It With You

This is a development I've talked about some time ago, but this is a development that's gone too far. So now, I use my bully pulpit in gaming to talk about one game in particular, Ark: Survival Evolved. I deleted...

Keyboard Support Coming to Xbox One

One of the greatest disparities between console and PC gaming has been the input method. While the console gamer has a single-purpose gamepad controller that handles most all the functions of a typical game, PC gamers have an entire keyboard's...

The Future of Xbox Looks a Lot Like Steam

It's been wondered on more than one occasion: with Microsoft pushing so hard to basically make the Xbox line a kind of gaming computer, then why in the world can't we play PC games on the Xbox? We're starting to...

CES 2017: New Gaming Hardware Afoot

Hard to believe, I know, but the New Year's Eve champagne has just barely gotten warm and the hors d'oeuvres barely cooled before the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) could get started in earnest again. Already, plenty of exciting items have...

Is This the End of the Console Era?

Recent word from no less than Michael Pachter, a familiar name in the video game analysis sector, suggests that maybe the console audience has reached its peak, and this is about the top of the market for the console field...
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